Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Angel Wing Dress and Headband

This beautiful little outfit was made for my friend's newborn baby girl.  It's incredibly simple to work up, you don't need to know anything more than a double crochet. It's also very simple to make it larger and elaborte on it if you wish.   The headband I worked up free hand.  You can find the pattern for the dress here.

The headband pattern is as follows:

Chain 5, half double crochet in the second chain from the hook and crochet across.  Chain 1, turn.  Continue this until it's the desired length then stitch the ends together.

For the flowers:

10 sc in a magic ring, chain 3.  Skip a stitch, then shell (2 dc, ch2, 2dc).  Repeat until you get back to the original ch3 and slip stitch into the top.  For the smaller flower, sc 5 in a magic ring, ch2, then dc in every other stitch and slip stitch into the ch2.  Sew together and add a button then attact to the headband over the seam.
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