Saturday, May 12, 2012

Honey Orange Blossom - Our Very Own Lalaloopsy!

She's finally done!  I'm quite proud of my little Honey Orange Blossom.  She came out super cute and is so much more cuddly than her plastic sisters over here. 

She works up pretty quick if you sit down and do it, but it's a great project to take it easy with as there are a lot of separate parts you can work up depending on the time you have. 


You can make this doll any which way you like.  You can follow the pattern or re-write it like I did.  You can make any kind of different hairstyles or even make it one of the adorable new boy dolls!  I think a Forrest Evergreen or Ace Fender Bender is on my list.  Soooo cute!

Bellamy is so cute too and so happy to finally have her doll after a week of begging.

You can find the pattern on Craftster

 Rise minions!

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Clarissa said...

Absolutely adorable! You did a great job! So fun to see how happy Bellamy is!

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