Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Angel Wing Dress and Headband

This beautiful little outfit was made for my friend's newborn baby girl.  It's incredibly simple to work up, you don't need to know anything more than a double crochet. It's also very simple to make it larger and elaborte on it if you wish.   The headband I worked up free hand.  You can find the pattern for the dress here.

The headband pattern is as follows:

Chain 5, half double crochet in the second chain from the hook and crochet across.  Chain 1, turn.  Continue this until it's the desired length then stitch the ends together.

For the flowers:

10 sc in a magic ring, chain 3.  Skip a stitch, then shell (2 dc, ch2, 2dc).  Repeat until you get back to the original ch3 and slip stitch into the top.  For the smaller flower, sc 5 in a magic ring, ch2, then dc in every other stitch and slip stitch into the ch2.  Sew together and add a button then attact to the headband over the seam.
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sushi the Siamese Cat

Last thing I need is another cat in the house, but I think I can make an exception for this guy.  He's so cute :3

Sushi is done in doubled chocolate brown cotton yarn and off white worsted weight wool.  Say that five times fast :P  I just tried, failed miserably.

You can make this guy as big or small as you like really.  Just adjust your hook and yarn size.  I kept him very tiny, he fits right in your hand.   Actually reminds me of my first kitten, Dinky.  He was the tiniest thing about the same size.  He was also slightly retarded, but that made him even more awesome.

This little guy was designed by Amy Gaines, and you can find her and her patterns on Ravelry.  If you run into any problems, like I did, you can ask her for help!  She was super duper nice and solved my issue right away.  Thank Amy!


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Monday, June 4, 2012

Sophie the Bunny

I love this little bunny.   From her little eyelashes to the carrot to the removable sweater so you can change her clothes.  This is my finest work yet as far as assembly goes.  I've acquired some mad skills now, I'm very proud of myself.  Bellamy has been hovering over this bunny for days but I have beaten back the vulture.  My bunny!  I've never kept anything I've made...this is mine!   If you want a bunny and don't possess the skizzles to make one yourself, let me know!  I'd be happy to make you one.  If you do crochet, you can head on over to Crochet Today and download the pattern for free.  Feel free to get creative with it, I always do.  Remember, patterns are a guideline!  Have fun!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Honey Orange Blossom - Our Very Own Lalaloopsy!

She's finally done!  I'm quite proud of my little Honey Orange Blossom.  She came out super cute and is so much more cuddly than her plastic sisters over here. 

She works up pretty quick if you sit down and do it, but it's a great project to take it easy with as there are a lot of separate parts you can work up depending on the time you have. 


You can make this doll any which way you like.  You can follow the pattern or re-write it like I did.  You can make any kind of different hairstyles or even make it one of the adorable new boy dolls!  I think a Forrest Evergreen or Ace Fender Bender is on my list.  Soooo cute!

Bellamy is so cute too and so happy to finally have her doll after a week of begging.

You can find the pattern on Craftster

 Rise minions!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jenny's Giraffe

This little guy was made for Bellamy's best friend Jenny as a birthday gift.  Isn't it adorable?

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, given the pattern was a bit wonky.  I freehanded a lot of it added a few little extras.  I think it's a great little cuddly and was fun to make.


If you want to make your own little giraffe for a kid you know, you can find the free pattern here!

Happy Birthday Jenny!

Remember, as always, hook size and yarn choice will effect the final product.  I used cotton yarn and a 4mm hook.  Have fun!
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Monday, April 23, 2012


I do apologize for the Abe Licoln top hat-ness of the picture, but unfortunately I had nothing to model it on but a paper mache robot head.  I promise, it rounds!  

This is an absolutely adorable little sunhat that was written up by my friend Nina.  You can find the pattern for this and other great things she has made at her website here!

I made a few slight changes at the end of her pattern to suit my needs.  Her pattern is for a little girl, so the brim is a bit wavy and feminine.  I made this for a little boy, so to boy it up a bit I made changes to the brim as follows:

Row 16 - Chain 2, Double Crochet in each stitch around, join with slip stitch.
Row 17 - Chain 2, Half Double Crochet in each stitch around, join with slip stitch.
Row 18 - Chain 2, Double Crochet in each stitch around, join with slip stitch.
Row 19 - Chain 1, single crochet in each stitch around, fasten off.

I used bulky weight yarn, hook size 5.5 mm.

Thanks for the great pattern Nina!
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Berit the Bunny

How cute is she!  I made this as a birthday gift for one of Bellamy's friends.  I sense a trend coming on now, requests have been pouring in.  That's cool though, I'd rather spend a little time on a gift than a little money! 

I took liberties with this pattern, mainly in the ears and tail.  I made 4 of the ears instead of two, stitched hearts (forgot to finish one, woops!) on two, stitched two together and stuffed them before attaching.   For the tail I just made a yarn puff and attached it.  

This pattern comes in LOTS of languages, including both British and American English.  You can find the pattern here!

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